Marble Flooring Pros and Cons

Is marble flooring a good idea? Marble flooring is elegant, lovely, upscale, and from a practical standpoint the veining and natural color variations hide dirt. Having said that, there are many concerns that should be considered when thinking about installing marble flooring.

First, marble flooring can be expensive, often $100 – $300 or more per square foot when installed.┬áMarble flooring is porous and somewhat soft, which can lead to scratching and staining. Acid cleaners or even lemon juice can etch the stone, and it can be quite slippery when wet.

Finally, marble has a significant mineral content and can sometimes “rust” when wet if used in a bathroom or other area that experiences a good deal of moisture. In all these instances it may become necessary to resurface the stone after some years of usage.

Today there are porcelain alternatives that can look nearly identical to a beautiful marble floor, and at a significantly lower price. Choose wisely, there are some really good alternatives these days.