Is Colored Grout a Good Idea?

Grout often comes in white, beige, tan or gray, and can be used to blend tiles together, or to accent tiles with a contrasting tone or hue. A new trend, however, seems to be popping up in Europe and may transition to the U.S. in the near future. Vibrant colors of green, pink, blue and other dramatic shades are making a statement in many installations, and the question is whether it will be a trend or a fad, and if homeowners who originally loved the color will grow tired of it and wish for something more muted. While it is actually possible to color grout to convert it to a different color, the rule of thumb is that grout coloring is most successful by going from a light color to something darker. And that begs the question with these new, bright colors that are just now catching on. Be careful, please!