10 Reasons To Work With A Professional Designer

Designers are well worth their weight in gold! Here are ten quick reasons why they will make your life easier, save you money, and make your project a winner.

  1. Realistic expectations – The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills have an unlimited budget and a huge home to work with when they decorate, but most of us do not. A professional designer can help us live our dream, but help us understand our limitations as well, be they modest space, a challenging physical space, or a limited budget. Designers have the experience and expertise to help us keep it real while achieving the fantastic!
  2. Professional designers are able to see the potential where we might only see a blank wall. They come with fresh eyes and perspective that we often do not have.
  3. Designers often know what will work through sheer experience and practice. And they also know what will NOT work, which is equally important.
  4. Designers help save you money, both because they often have special sources that you do not, and because they can help you avoid costly mistakes.
  5. Designers generally speak a foreign language that most consumers do not, including “contractor,” “architect,” and “permit approval officer.” Great design is not only a question of a unique or stunning vision, but communicating the objectives to the many players involved in making the vision happen.
  6. Designers have tools such as 3D software programs to visualize the plan and work out problems in advance. You may be a computer whiz, but it is unlikely that you have those types of tools to work with.
  7. Professionals can provide you with a wide range of samples and materials that have been preselected to give you a good idea of actual materials you might use in your project. That saves you time and confusion since you do not have to wade through endless choices and products.
  8. Designers think creatively and can suggest options that you would not have considered. They may show you a color you would not have thought of, or a furniture grouping that you could not find in a furniture store display. Designers are known for thinking “out of the box” and creating the element of surprise in your design or redesign project.
  9. Designers offer a range of services, so you are in control. They can do something as simple as helping you choose a paint color, an upholstery fabric, or a full home redesign. Their stock-in-trade is helping you to discover your taste and preferences and translating them into a space and result that you love.
  10. Designers can provide your home with a “WOW” factor that is impossible for you to achieve on your own. Most of us find it hard to take risks or gamble with our hard-earned decorating money. A designer can help you accomplish a surprising and sometimes stunning result instead of doing a simple re-do of what you already have. Designers can help provide a fresh, exciting, even dazzling look that will transform your living space.


Designers… are just what the house doctor ordered!