Fiber Seal Designer Compensation

Fiber Seal has been providing expert fiber and fabric research and specialized products to designers, furniture designers, and consumers for over 45 years. Our penetrating sealers ensure treated fibers and fabrics stay beautiful and our one year free spotting service makes sure accidents aren’t permanent. But designers sometimes want to know how they benefit from our service.

Here’s how:

Call owner Derek Fisher personally to review the scope of work and have any questions you might have answered. He will quickly send you a quote so you can build the cost into your work.

Once approved, Fiber Seal will create a work order and schedule the work with the client.

If Fiber Seal is paid directly by the client, we will send you a check for the referral. If you have invoiced the client directly and included the cost for Fiber Seal, we will send you an invoice for the work we do after first deducting the commission that you receive for referring the work.

Your client will be happy with this added value service that will keep their furniture in great shape, you will be happy knowing they don’t have to worry about spots or spills, and you will make an additional commission from the work that we do! Everyone wins!