2018 Decorating Trends

Keeping up with the latest design trends will please your clients and add some zing to interiors. While there are always differences of opinion, here are some predictions for 2018:

  1. Ruby red will be a favorite accent color to add fun and eye catching zest to interior spaces
  2. Velvet is a plush, versatile, and comfortable fabric that will be popular in upholstery applications
  3. The Japanese concept of wabi sabi, meaning imperfection, will become part of the new look to suggest authenticity and “real” interiors (think of a plush, unmade bed)
  4. Copper accents such as lamps or planters will provide a fun contrast to upholstered furniture
  5. Black and white accents in items like pillows will add high contrast and some “pop” to interiors
  6. Natural materials such as bone, shells, or lava rock will bring a bit of the outdoors into the home
  7. Floral patterns with vibrant, untraditional colors and outsized proportions will add some excitement and surprise to the room