Spring Cleaning Tips – Easter/Passover Are Coming!

Easter and Passover mean friends and relatives will be stopping by, and that Spring Cleaning is immanent!

Here are some Spring Cleaning tips to help you prep for the holidays:

  1. Kitchen sink – clean with soap and water, then mist with vinegar and finally with hydrogen peroxide (don’t mix) to ensure your sink is clean and disinfected.
  2. Dishwasher – put a quarter cup of bleach in the dishwasher with the dishes to clean and sanitize the dishes, or run a short cycle with no dishes except for a bowl with vinegar in the top rack, and baking soda sprinkled on the bottom to scrub and sanitize the dishwasher.
  3. Garbage disposal – put lemon rinds, salt, and ice cubes in the disposal and run until clear. The lemon will deodorize the disposal, and the salt and ice cubes will clean off remaining residue.
  4. Sponges – rinse and clean off sponges and microwave them for two minutes to kill bacteria. Let the sponges cool for five minutes before using, they will be hot.
  5. Put a teaspoon of Tang Drink Mix in the toilet, let sit for five minutes, then swish and flush. The solution is non-toxic in case your pets get curious, and the citric acid in the Tang acts like a scrubber.
  6. Laundry static – instead of using chemical laden dryer sheets, put two new tennis balls in with the wet clothes when drying them. It will get rid of static cling and soften the fabrics.
  7. Cleaning the Iron – to get rid of stains that could transfer from the iron plate to clothes when you iron, put a white sheet of paper on the ironing board, generously sprinkle salt on the paper, set the iron on the cotton setting and iron. The salt will clean stains off the iron plate.
  8. Refrigerator – clean the coils of your refrigerator once a year by unplugging and vacuuming or brushing the coils clean to keep it working efficiently.
  9. Clean the microwave oven – place a cut up lemon and  the rinds in half a cup of water, heat for three minutes, and let stand for five minutes. The steam will loosen the grease and grime so it can be easily wiped clean.
  10. Shower heads – shower heads can become clogged and caked with minerals. Fill a plastic bag with vinegar, then secure it over the shower head with a rubber band and let soak overnight. The vinegar will dissolve the minerals so the shower head runs free.