Design Trends for 2018

Style and trends can challenge the best designers. Here are some of the outgoing and incoming design trends for 2018 as presented by House Beautiful:

  1. The “it” color for 2018 will be lavender, while Millenial Pink is on its way out.
  2. Bamboo flooring is losing favor due to low durability.
  3. DIY storage, popularized through Pinterest postings, was over exposed and looks junky.
  4. Reclaimed wood, rustic and eco-friendly, also lost appeal with home-owners.

Meanwhile, Pinterest showed a 75% increase in home-centric pins in 2017. Here are some of theĀ  stats:

  1. Pins of art or decorations painted directly onto bare walls were up 637%.
  2. Mixed metallics (furniture, appliances, etc.) were up 423%.
  3. 1970’s era Terrazo flooring (stone chips in poured epoxy) pins were up 316%.
  4. Painted, decorative “statement” ceilings were up 310%.

Keeping up with trends can be challenging, a good designer can help you navigate the trends.