Sticky Residue on Carpets from Protector Sheets

Polyethylene carpet protectors and sticky residue problem

The Fiber Seal techs ran into a not uncommon problem recently when they went into a home that had some adhesive coated polyethylene film sheets attached to the carpet to keep it clean during a recent remodeling project. Unfortunately, the sheets had been left down for over 60 days and had also experienced heavy foot-traffic, which meant that the adhesive backing had transferred to the carpet fibers, even though it is not supposed to do this.

Polyethylene sheeting is generally designed to stay on the carpet for no more than 30 days, and heavy traffic, high heat, or applying the product when the carpet is still damp is almost a sure guarantee to transfer dirt attracting adhesive to the carpet which will lead to unhappy clients when their carpet starts showing signs of soiling and dirt shortly thereafter. Our suggestion is to advise designers and home-owners to be very cautious with this product, and to perhaps use non-adhesive tarps or painting cloths in lieu of these sticky products that can leave a residue and cause many unhappy problems even after a successful design project.